Writing Coaching

Shauna has been coaching and mentoring writers in all stages of the writing process for over three years. Depending on the length of the project and genre, Shauna is available for in person and online writing coaching sessions.

CONTACT: [email protected]

“Shauna has been the most real, down to Earth, and straight forward person I have had the pleasure of working with. She has been able to give me the kind of insight and advice for my work that has helped me grow both personally and in my career.” ~Caz Bevan,Director of Marketing and Communications

“Shauna is an exceptional writing coach and mentor, her understanding of the writing process and the English language has been an inspiration and added to my evolution as a writer and mentor. I appreciate the efforts and the value she adds to our community and our world as an inspirational and insightful presence. If you are looking for or would like to expand your professional writing skills I highly recommend asking Shauna for her insight and to assist you with your needs in making your work become world class.. She certainly is, I would not have gotten my first novel ready for the world with out her assistance!” ~Joe Bradshaw,┬áCompany Owner at JoAnthonyBradshaw.net